Acknowledging what you love, is true strength. Discovering, creating and experiencing the journey, is life.  

Eric Teh

Life Transformation Extraordinaire

  • Author of “Life Sucks! How to Find Meaning in Life, Build Self-Confidence, Overcome Low Self-Esteem, and Win Your Dream Job”
  • Engaged in speaking events and trained over 600 students from renowned education providers including Sunway College, International College of Music (ICOM), Tunku Abdul Rahman College, PORTMAN College, UCSI University, 1Goal International Sdn. Bhd., SEGI College & more
  • A passionate green advocate, involved in several environmentalist projects, notably River & Beach Cleaning in Selangor, Penang & Seremban, and Tree Planting in Malaysia and Singapore

Eric Teh is an entrepreneur, certified trainer, speaker and author that enjoys inspiring and empowering individuals globally to take massive action and full control of their lives. His work with organisations of all sizes has given him years of experience in providing the support needed to help individuals unlock their potential and find success in all areas. From his extensive research, experience and observation, he believes that it is possible to live a truly fruitful and blissful lifestyle, by discovering the ultimate life mission. After his graduation with a Bachelor Degree of Computer Science in Melbourne, Australia, he returned to Malaysia and started seeking for jobs, just like any ordinary graduate student. For 3 1⁄2 years, he worked in 4 different fields in the corporate sector, only to realise that he was not fulfilling his ultimate life purpose.

At the age of 26, he left his 9-6 job to seek his life mission and a career that would give him lifetime happiness. It was a search in futility until he realised that his true life purpose lay in his commitment and contribution towards society, especially the youths. He had been involved in a non-profit organisation, Leo Club, for 12 years, a community service club that offered opportunity for youths to build and experience various leadership, social, organising, communication and people skills, while serving the community and society. Eric began his Leo journey when he was 15, and started speaking and training the youths when he turned 23.

Along the journey, he has helped many individuals overcome their fears, develop confidence, build a solid base for their businesses, pursue their dreams and fulfill their life purpose. With love and passion, Eric continues to share his knowledge through coaching, human development, entrepreneurship and success mindset development, while travelling around the world, meeting new people and serving others as much as he can.