Imperfect action makes me money.

Sebastian Beja

The King of Free-Traffic™

  • Owner of more than 15 online businesses

He is the owner of more than 15 online businesses that generate money every day while he sleepsWITHOUT spending money on ads. Using his Free-Trafficgeneration formula through the use of video and websitessell A LOT of products ranging from health, luxury car companies, high end jewelry, online courses up to real estate property. 

Sebastian is a Serial entrepreneur with over 7 years of experience specializing in Free-Trafficgeneration from search engines like Google (websites), Youtube (video) and Instagram. 

He consults famous youtubers and filmmakers on how to make their videos go viral, generate more views, so they generate more moneywithout them spending money on advertising. He has consulted Fortune 500 companies like Organifi and Foundr on how to use video to generate more revenue to their businesses without needing to buy ads. 

He has trained hundreds of people in Europe, America and Southeast Asia on how people can use Free-Traffic™strategies and tactics to create more money.He even got invited to speak in the largest entrepreneurial festival in Latin America, where he shared the stage with Sir. Richard Branson. 

He is the Head of Growth-Marketing of the #1 personal growth company in the world where his team grew their free traffic from nothing to millions of visits a month and in just 6 month added more than 300k Youtube subscribers and more than 50 million views to the Youtube channel. 

His has been featured giving advice in the #1 Platform for Exponential Business Growth in the US, for his Organic-Trafficstrategies where companies like Airbnb, Uber, Spotify get their online marketing advice to grow their revenue. 

He believes that Imperfect ACTION makes you MOOOONEY!