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Vince Tan

Leading Authority in Digital Marketing & Entrepreneurship

  • Founder of Shock Media Studio, eduPOW
  • Built 3 companies from scratch into million dollar businesses
  • 18 years of experience in digital marketing
  • Generated almost $1 million in 7 days from 4 product launches online
  • Top 30 Outstanding Young Malaysians Award
  • 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs
  • Serial Investor and Entrepreneur
  • International Speaker and Trainer in over 20 different cities worldwide, including major global events such as TEDx.

Vince Tan is the co-founder, and CEO of Shock Media Studio, one of the fastest growing digital agencies in Malaysia.

Vince started programming at the age of 7, and when he was 12 years old, he created a circuit board that tricked the local telco into allowing him access to the internet in US for free, as the internet was not available in his country at that time. From then on, there was no turning back as he started to create websites and later, started his first official venture, a web design company called Webchitect, in his last year in high school. He ran the company part time throughout his tertiary studies, and during his tenure as the youngest lecturer in his alma mater. That was his first and last job. Two years later, he started running his company full time at the age of 23.

Fast forward a couple of years later, again, being a very mischievous person, Vince spammed the search engine with black hat techniques, owned over 25,000 domains, and built a system that auto-generated over 5 billion webpages. He was also believed to have disrupted major search engine services for a couple of minutes too! During this period of time, he, too, successfully pulled off 4 major online product launches, and generated almost $1 million in sales within the first 7 days.

This success didn’t go unnoticed. As a result of that, the event organisers for Tony Robbins, Bill Clinton, Chris Gardner and Robert Kiyosaki approached Vince. He was invited to speak about digital marketing around the world. And he turned out to be one of the best speakers and powerful stage closer at the events that he spoke in.

After training thousands of students and organizations in over 10 countries, and 20 different cities in online marketing, Vince decided to settle down in Malaysia, and got married at the age of 30.

Shortly after, his wife delivered triplets. During the same month as the birth of his triplets, Shock Media Studio was established. With his vast knowledge and background in digital marketing, Vince started Shock Media Studio with the goal of empowering SMEs in Malaysia to thrive in the digital space. What started out as a passion in empowering others digitally has evolved into the fastest growing digital agency in Malaysia.

Since the company’s inception, Shock Media Studio has a 100% growth year to year for 4 years straight, and has helped over 600 clients to grow digitally, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Vince aims to push Shock Media Studio to be the top digital marketing company in the world over the next decade.

While scaling Shock Media Studio up, Vince also launched other notable startups, such as eduPOW. eduPOW was built with the goal of helping people to pursue to their dreams by learning what they love today. The moment it was launched, eduPOW had hundreds of authors and courses in its library, instantaneously making it one of the largest MOOC startup in Southeast Asia. eduPOW’s vision is to change a billion lives over the next 10 years by providing affordable education.

Vince continues to serve the world by mentoring and teaching entrepreneurs to keep delivering awesomeness. He believes entrepreneurship is the best way to make a sustainable, massive, positive impact.