Mandarin Masterclass



Program Learning Outcome:

  • You will learn how to make a long lasting first impression with Mandarin, that will help you get one step ahead in your career or business
  • You will learn how to make an appointment and bargain like a native in Mandarin, to strike a good deal with your suppliers or any sellers.
  • You will learn the “Sentence Structure Formula” that enables anyone from zero basics to be able to construct sentences in a conversation from Malay or English, on the spot. Once you learn this formula, you can start speaking Mandarin anytime & anywhere
  • You will learn common phrases that is used in Malaysia and China, so that you can use the right phrases at the right time
  • You will go through multiple breakthroughs throughout the 3 Days Masterclass, as you will be actively speaking to our Chinese facilitators to break your fears and build your confidence.
  • Sifu Kairesh

Conducted By:

  • Sifu Kairesh
In this 3 Days Masterclass, you will learn how to fluently speak & understand Mandarin from 0% basics, without having to memorise any scripts.

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